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A respected professional with the skills to interpret personality profiles and articulate clear-cut diagnostics during selection, promotion, and development processes for current and future managers. Consulted on over 2 000 occasions to gauge, clarify and corroborate the current state of individual or team competency portfolios and development potential, and to uncover undetected talent for a wide range of organizations.

Thorough assessment techniques based on contemporary and innovative methods yielding dependable, articulate and revealing individual or team profiles. When crucial management decisions are needed to be made related to current or future managers and teams for several Quebec and Canadian leaders, Thierry Devisse's viewpoint is considered mandatory.

Embedded into key human resources projects for the past 15 years, this senior consultant has designed and participated in several strategic succession planning projects for a variety of organizations, i.e.:

  • Accelerated development plans for managers and executives
  • Design and management of effective Succession Planning programs
  • Profile definition and assessment to create world-class sales teams

By consulting Thierry Devisse, one is given access to a distinctive expertise in identifying individual potential and thereby emphasizing human solutions to organizational challenges.

Controlled risk, safe integration

The process proposed by Thierry Devisse is based on innovative competency language, reliable tools and eloquent report documents that will contribute to qualifying or disqualifying candidates, based on the following observations:

  • Current profiles (strengths and development targets)
  • Potential profile (development capacity)
  • Added value for current team
  • Assessing risk level of an external candidate
  • Optimal integration strategy

Fit is a flexible competency assessment:

  • For all position styles and levels and in any organizational context
  • Permitting a calibrated assessment on either standard or specific profiles

Fit provides customer ample information to:

  • Question first impression of a candidate
  • Shed light on ambiguous elements of the value of a candidate
  • Confirm strategic choices and defer hasty decisions
  • Identify the candidate's distinct value with regard to a team leadership profile
  • Compare short term and long term benefits
  • Reduce collateral effects of introducing a new key player
  • Anticipate the risk of an inadequate cultural integration
  • Provide strategies to integrate and develop the candidate

Develop managers, step by step

When organizations choose to invest in management development, return on investment is not optional: a tangible effect on competency acquisition, leading to enhanced organizational performance is expected. However, traditional training does not yield that expected outcome. Research reveals that only 10 to 15% of training information is actually applied (or transferred), one year after acquisition. Effectively developing managers cannot rely on chance.

Solutions proposed by Thierry Devisse contain key elements that allow surpassing typical management training practices.

Transfer provides possibilities:

  • To determine which key organizational conditions will permit or limit learning transfer and to implement necessary leverage factors
  • To qualify manager readiness to develop and define optimal transfer strategies based on his own personal profile (individual transfer plan)
  • To implement transfer pods (access to documents, videos, conversations, events) to favor prompt assimilation of target behaviors
  • To introduce wiki-learning: small-group meetings to debate on personal development strategies
  • For current managers to enhance their performance, secure their integration or to prepare for future roles.

Which collective leadership for which mission?

Managing organizations in a hypercompetitive market requires more collective effort than individual initiatives. Nevertheless, each member of a team must be a leader in his or her own way: leadership is not always a question of rank, years of experience or expertise.

Leadership Audit qualifies current organizational leadership and identifies team strengths, liabilities, blind spots, degree of cohesion, and areas of turbulence in order to assess its capability to reach organizational objectives. Also investigated, are its own peculiar dynamics, communication mode and capacity to think beyond current operations and be innovative.

Solutions proposed by Thierry Devisse help define whether organizational leadership can sustain and accomplish its strategic plan. Through interviews, discussions and questionnaires, he identifies leadership team competencies as a function of current context (organizational streamlining, operations reengineering, culture change, rapid growth) or as a function of a critical phase (crucial project, merger or acquisition, business unit start-up).

This organizational review:

  • maps out the current state of leadership comparing it to the state-of-the-art leadership models,
  • identifies critical areas,
  • proposes the implementation of actionable plans,
  • determines individual needs, and
  • refines the talent acquisition strategies.

Uncover hidden talents in organizations

Succession planning is the most contemporary organizational challenge that requires leaders to evaluate individual performance and potential, to motivate the most promising talent into effective development pipelines, and to provide additional responsibilities to sustain talent deployment.

While talent detection is not an exact science, neither is it an intuitive process. Hence, the right method with the right discipline can help uncover individuals with exceptional capabilities for development.

Amongst the essential elements of an efficient Succession planning project, the requirements are:

  • Endorsement and qualification by management and human resources partners to identify talent
  • Criteria definition to build a talent pool that will avoid replication of the current leadership profile
  • Accelerated development strategies based on learning-in-action models (real assignments, real coaches, real conversations)

A Succession planning project proposed by Thierry is based on three principles:

  • Identification
  • Qualification
  • Development

These three steps are synchronized and rooted into the corporate culture and current organizational systems and provide the capacity to:

  • Structure identification processes at each step of an employee's organizational lifespan
  • Provide user-friendly tools to validate development potential of every employee
  • Design concrete methods and events to effectively develop the identified talent.

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